T-Grip™ Plastic sheet is a T-ribbed membrane that is flat on one side,

whilst the reverse side contains parallel T-Shaped ribs.


These ribs are cast into concrete at the new construction stage,

thus isolating the concrete from the harmful effects of corrosive

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Concrete is attacked by Acids and Alkaline. Hydrogen sulphide
attack in sewer pipes and structures is a major problem, but
also the presence of sulphates and chlorides in soils creates
aggressive saline conditions that pose a threat to concrete
foundations for all sorts of building works.


• Concrete pipes, sewerage pipes

• Concrete tunnels

• Concrete tanks, box culverts, grease traps

• Concrete waste water treatment plants


The evolution of the T- Grip™ Linings represents a major
breakthrough in physical properties,with elongation at break point
being to the order of 600% for polyethylene.

T-Grip™ lining will therefore not crack when placed under stress,

like coatings and they will endure for over 50 years in the toughest
of service.

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Abrasion resistance: In comparison to concrete, T-Grip™ has superior frictional resistance and abrasion resistance and possesses excellent tear strength.

The T-Grip™ liners are smooth. Concrete pipes that are lined with the material therefore have superior hydraulic characteristics to plain pipes and many other materials. This advantage can be translated into savings for the consumer by utilizing smaller diameters of pipes.

• The Best quality against competitive pricing
• A++ materials

• Global coverage

The process
Organic sulphates and inorganic sulphides are present in the slimes of sewerage flows and form the total sulphides present in the sewerage.
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