Certification KST CPL HOLLANDKST T-GRIP™ linings are subjected to regular batch testing as part of our ongoing programme of
QA/QC, which starts at the factory were the linings are made.

Our linings go through the following routine tests:

  • Batch tests are carried out at our factory laboratory
  • The laboratory is certified to ISO 9001 EN Standard.
  • The tests are carried out on each batch manufactured and cover physical properties such as Melt Flow Index, Specific Density, Tensile properties, Hardness and Pigment content.
  • All in accordance with ASTM Test Methods.
  • Independent Laboratory testing is carried out periodically.


Tests are carried out on LLDPE and HDPE types to check on all physical and chemical properties under 112 immersion conditions, as required per the green book for public construction of the city of Los Angeles.

Certification Testing KST CPL HOLLAND
Weld tests are carried out in our laboratory and at job sites to which our linings are supplied. The testing of welds is probably the most important aspect of overall Lining quality; continuity of the liner system is crucial to long-term security and peace of mind.

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During manufacturing of the lining, there will there be a constant control of quality and thickness of the lining.
Material will be regular tested in the factory laboratory and independent laboratories. Every shipment will be provided
with a Quality control certificate with all technical/ tested aspects of the T-Grip™ lining in accordance with ASTM test

Our material will be supplied in accordance with the Standard Specification of Public Works Constructions. Material has been tested by independent laboratories (USA and UAE) in accordance with the specifications mentioned in this Green Book. Test certificates available.

Download 20070108 certification KST CPL HOLLAND

Download 20120320 Certification KST CPL HOLLAND

Download 20120503 Certification KST CPL HOLLAND