The letters KST stand for Kunststof Systeem Technologie (Plastic Systems Technology). The history of KST (Stork KST) features some key milestones:

1943 for the first use of using rubber as protection of steel tanks and structures.
  1975 flexible PVC T-rib lining introduced by us in the Netherlands, Germany, Africa and the Middle East.

  1995
the start of our factory in England, KST Protective Linings Ltd and introduced HDPE T-Grip™ lining. We have produced/supplied more than 7 million m2. mainly for the protection of sewage pipes and sewage structures.

  2015 most important part of our philosophy is that we supply a complete system (based on long history, know how across the globe) including training/supervision, regular testing and after sales.

We supply controlled container loads of T-Grip Lining world-wide to destinations such as Belgium, Italy, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Colombia, Peru, USA.


Exclusive Partner and distributor of KST T-grip linings for Italy and France is Coprem.